Fried Rice and Cabbage-Potato Stew

The 608 CSK
December 11, 2018

Meal 1: Fried Rice, Diakon Radish Stirfry, Napa Cabbage in Miso Sauce.

·        Heat a pan with a little oil over high heat.  Nonstick or well seasoned are best.
·        Remove and reserve the egg shreds best you can - don't fuss.
·        When the oil is just smoking add the rice.  Allow to sit a minute, then stir and fry to heat through.  Fold in the egg and serve.
·        Reheat the pan as above with a little more oil.  When hot add the radish vegetables.  Stir fry allowing the radish to brown some. Season with a pinch of salt, allow to just cook through and the colors to brighten. Serve.
·        Reheat the pan again and this time repeat as directly above with the cabbage leaves.  When they are bright and lightly softened, shake the miso sauce and add, allowing to bubble, reduce and lightly braise the cabbage.  Reduce heat a little and cook for about 1 minute and serve.

Meal 2:  French Potato-Cabbage Stew w. or w/out Braised Pork, Lentiles Verts du Puy, Whole Wheat-Flax Bread..

·        Warm the stew gently.
·        Ditto the lentils.
·        Warm or even toast the bread.  Serve with soft butter or duck fat.

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