Spinach Flatbread Pizza and Sweet Potato Chowder

The 608 CSK
February 21, 2017

Meal 1: Fresh Spinach and Chevre Pizza, Baby Limas in Garlic Oil, Beet/Kumquat Salad
·        Heat the pizzas in  425° oven for 7-12 minutes.  Allow the spinach to wilt and the flatbread to toast without getting overcrisp ( unless that's how you like it). 
·        Heat some olive oil in a saute pan. When the oil is heated but not quite shimmering,  add the beans and toss.  Serve when heated and fragrant.  Add only a little water or broth if necessary.
·        Toss the beets and kumquats with their dressing and season.

Meal 2: Caribbean Sweet Potato Chowder, Broa, Spinach Salad
·        Warm the soup gently.  Adjust the S & P. 
·        Warm the Portuguese fisherman's corn bread.

·        Dress the Salad


Moroccan Chick Peas and Tomato Bisque

The 608 CSK
February 14, 2017

Meal 1: Tomato Bisque, Cheddar Bread, Escarole Salad
·        Warm the soup gently. 
·        Warm the bread.
·        Dress the Salad

Meal 2: Moroccan Chick Peas, Grilled Flatbread, Carrot Salad
·        Warm the chick pea stew gently.  I think it needs a little salt.
·        Heat the flatbreads in the oven, in a dry hot pan, or even over an open gas burner if you are comfortable with that trick.  If you use the oven, be sure to not forget them and make them too crisp.

·        Turn the carrot salad out into a bowl and toss the ingredients with their dressing.  Season, add a little olive oil if necessary and serve.


Carrot-Escarole Soup & Sesame Noodles w. Ginger-Miso Carrots

The 608 CSK
February7, 2017

Meal 1: Carrot and Escarole Soup, Spelt Loaves, Romaine Salad
·        Warm the soup gently. 
·        Warm the bread.
·        Dress the Salad

Meal 2: Sesame Noodles, Stir-Fried Cabbage, Ginger-Miso Glazed Carrots
·        Warm the noodles. A microwave is probably fine.  Even room temp splashed with a little soy sauce in sesame oil is OK.  You can also pan fry them briefly in a very hot non-stick pan with a little oil.  Allow noodles to cool a bit in the serving bowl and dress  with the sauce.  Garnish with a little green onion if you like.
·        Heat some oil in a sautee pan ( the same as above is great, of course) to smoking hot. Add the stir-fry veggies and look out for popping sesame seeds!  Stir several times, seasoning with salt and allowing vegetables to cook through and char a bit.  Use a lid and a tiny bit of water to speed the cooking process or soften the vegetables a bit. Serve

·        Heat the carrots is a sautee pan with a little bit of water, allowing the vegetables to heat through and re-glaze.


Sweet Potato Cakes and Lentil Soup

Meal 1: Sweet Potato Cakes, Black Eyed Pea Casserole, Yeasted Cornbread
·        Give the cakes a quick zap to get the chill out, then warm them gently in their dish or on a cookie sheet at 325° for 10 minutes. 
·        Treat the casserole pretty much identically - just heated through.
·        Warm the bread as you wish, but in our home we cut it real thick and pan fry in too much butter.  Flip once adding more butter for the other side and serve crisp, sizzling and fine.  If you've been really good today, add a drizzle of honey.

Meal 2: Lentil Soup, Fennel Loaves, Sauteed Black Earth Valley Winter Kale
·        Warm the soup
·        Heat some butter or olive oil ( both is better than either alone for this, actually ) in a saute pan.  Before the oil gets fully hot, add the greens and increase the heat.  When hot, begin to saute and wilt the greens.  Season about halfway through and serve when bright green and yielding.

·        Serve the warmed bread with butter or some good cheese.


Parsnip-Garlic Soup and Savory Apple Blintzes

The 608 CSK
January 24, 2017

Meal 1: Parsnip-Roasted Garlic Soup and Bread Salad
·        Warm the soup gently. 
·        Heat the croutons on a cookie sheet at 350 for 5-10 minutes , until lightly toasted and warmed, but not crusted through.
·        Toss the warm croutons with the greens and garnishes and dress.

Meal 2: Savory Apple Blintzes, Golden and Red Beets with Chevre, Kamut  and Sultana Salad .
·        Lay the crepes out, 2 per share and spoon some filling in a line into the center.  Fold the sides in over the filling.  Fold up the bottom to cover the sides and the filling , and roll up the blintz.  Check out our Facebook page for some images of the process.
·        Heat some butter in a pan over medium, non-stick is great of course.  When the butter is hot and beginning to brown add the blintzes seam side first and allow the blintz to brown about 2 minutes.  Turn, add butter if necessary and brown the other side. Serve.
·        Toss the beets with their dressing and the chevre.  Season with salt and pepper, and serve.

·        Serve the Kamut salad chilled.


Carrot Dal and Crumble-Top Pot PIe

The 608 CSK
January 17, 2017

Meal 1: Coconut & Carrot Dal, Biryani, Pan Roasted Chick Peas
·        Warm the curry.
·        Heat the rice in a saute pan with a little oil.  Toss and allow to heat through.  Add a splash of water if necessary to steam through. 
·        Heat the chick peas in a saute pan with a little oil.  Toss and allow to heat through and become fragrant.

Meal 2: Beef or Bean Crumble-Top Pot Pie, Rye-Flax Boule, Romaine Lettuce Salad .
·        If your pot pie came in a jar, transfer it to a baking dish.  Microwave the pot pie filling briefly to get the chill out and then finish in the oven at 350 for 10-20 minutes depending on share size.  When hot, top with the crumble topping and return to the oven for 5 minutes more.
·        Warm the bread.

·        Dress the salad.


Tamales and Spinach Soup

The 608 CSK
January 10, 2017

Meal 1: Sweet Corn and Green Chili Tamales, Black Bean and Sweet Potato Hash, Spinach Salad
·        The best/ easiest way to heat tamales is in the microwave, honest.  Just a few minutes to warm through. Otherwise, heat in a steamer basket as you would steam broccoli etc.  However, at home, we peel open the cold tamales and pan fry them in butter, toasting both sides (3-4 minutes total) and serving with yogurt, hot sauce and any other delicacies we have on hand. 
·        Heat the hash in a saute pan with a little oil.  Toss to heat through and serve.
·        Tear up the spinach leaves and dress the salad.

Meal 2: Max's Miraculously Green Spinach Soup, Spelt-Flax Boule, Chick Peas w/ Lemon, Poppyseeds, and Chevre.
·        Warm the soup gently.
·        Warm the bread.

·        Toss the chickpeas with the chevre and serve chilled.