BFB and Sloppy Joes

The 608 CSK
May 16, 2017

Meal 1: Big Fat Springtime Burritos and Rice w/ Sweet Corn and Asparagus
·        Give the burritos a quick zap in the microwave then heat in the oven at 3258 for about 15 minutes or until tortilla crisps a bit and the inside, tested with a knife point, is heated.   
·        Saute the rice salad in a pan with some oil.  Allow the heat through and even crisp up a bit. Toss, add a splash of water if necessary. Serve

Meal 2: Scottish Highland Beef Sloppy Joes on Challah Rolls, Roasted Potato and Turnips w/ Turnip Greens, Leaf Lettuce Salad
·        Warm the Joe on the stovetop.  Split and toast the rolls.  In a pan w/ some butter is best.  Serve as a sandwich, or open face.
·        Remove the greens from the potato/ turnip and reserve. Saute the potato and turnips in some butter.  Tossing to coat and heat through.  Use a lit a little to speed the heating process and a splash of water if necessary.  When hot, add a little more buttter if necessary, add the greens, and toss to wilt.  Season w/ salt and pepper.
·         Tear up the lettuce leaves, dress the salad and serve.

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