Asparagus Chowder and Sesame Noodles w/ Braised Tofu

The 608 CSK
May 9, 2017

Meal 1: Asparagus Chowder, Flax Seed Broa, Blue Moon Lettuce Salad
·        Heat the chowder gently.  Serve.
·        Warm the bread.
·        Tear up those gorgeous lettuce leaves and dress the salad.  Serve.

Meal 2: Sesame Noodles, Stir Fried Bok Choi and Tat Soi, Tofu Braised w/ Green Garlic and Turnips
·        Heat a little oil in a saute pan, non-stick is great.  When the oil is smoking, add the noodles.  Stir a little, but generally allow them to brown a bit in the pan before agitating.  When heated through, transfer to a serving bowl and toss with the Sesame/peanut sauce.
·        Stir fry the vegetables in a little hot oil until lightly browned and just wilted.

·        Shake the jar of tofu/ sauce/ veggies very well.  Pour into a hot pan and allow the sauce to heat through and thicken.  Serve. 

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