The Passover Menu

The 608 CSK
April 4, 2017

Meal 1: Matzo Ball Soup, Butterhead and Baby Romaine Salad, Russian Beet Salad
·        Heat the soup gently and allow to almost simmer 5 minutes or so the heat the balls through.
·        Dress the salad.
·        Serve the beets chilled.

Meal 2: Sephardic Chick Peas, Sauteed Snug Haven Spinach, Russet Potatoes Roasted w/ Cumin
·        Warm the chick peas gently.
·        Sautee the potatoes in hot butter. 2 minutes or so to heath through. Lidding briefly is OK. S &P and serve.

·        Sautee the spinach in a little butter, olive oil or other fat.  Turn and toss carefully, season with salt and pepper and just wilt. Serve immediately.  I know we are pushing the spinach.  It's great stuff, good for us, and won't be around much longer.

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