RCS Potato Cakes and Turnips w/ Tuscan Kale and SunGolds

The 608 CSK
March 21, 2017

Meal 1: Reggae Country Style Potato Cakes, Creole Black Beans, Sweet Potato-Cabbage Hash
·        Heat the potato cakes at 350° on a cookie sheet.  15 minutes should do it.
·        Warm the black beans.  Add a little water to thin them a bit and check the seasoning.
·        Heat the hash in a saute pan with a little fat.  Toss the heat through and finish.

Meal 2: Tuscan Turnip and Kale Stew W/ Sun Dried Sun Gold Cherry Tomatoes , Spelt-Flax Bread, Spinach Salad
·        Warm the soup gently.  I think it needs some salt.  Garnish w/ grated Parm/ Locatelli/ other sharp cheese.  This of course will also add salt so be careful.
·        Warm the bread and serve with soft butter or good olive oil.

·        Dress the Salad.

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