Tamales and Spinach Soup

The 608 CSK
January 10, 2017

Meal 1: Sweet Corn and Green Chili Tamales, Black Bean and Sweet Potato Hash, Spinach Salad
·        The best/ easiest way to heat tamales is in the microwave, honest.  Just a few minutes to warm through. Otherwise, heat in a steamer basket as you would steam broccoli etc.  However, at home, we peel open the cold tamales and pan fry them in butter, toasting both sides (3-4 minutes total) and serving with yogurt, hot sauce and any other delicacies we have on hand. 
·        Heat the hash in a saute pan with a little oil.  Toss to heat through and serve.
·        Tear up the spinach leaves and dress the salad.

Meal 2: Max's Miraculously Green Spinach Soup, Spelt-Flax Boule, Chick Peas w/ Lemon, Poppyseeds, and Chevre.
·        Warm the soup gently.
·        Warm the bread.

·        Toss the chickpeas with the chevre and serve chilled.

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