Napa Cabbage Pad Thai and Cauliflower Cream of Wild Mushroom Soup

The 608 CSK
November 1, 2016

Meal 1: Pad Thai w. Napa Cabbage, Kabocha Squash Curry, and Spiced Rice.
·        Heat the Rice in a saute pan with alittle oil.  Add a splash of water to heat through. Reserve in a serving bowl.
·        Heat the curry gently.
·        Heat a saute pan with a fair amount oil ( 3T per person) over high heat.  Carefully add the cabbage/egg/carrot mix and stir fry over high heat.  Season with a little salt and when the cabbage has colored and wilted a bit reserve.  Larger share sizes may need to work in batches.
·        Now heat the meat sauce mix in the saute pan.  Add a splash of water if necessary and season with a little fish sauce if you have i.  When hot, pour over the cabbage mix and serve immediately. 

Meal 2: Cauliflower &Roasted Garlic Bisque w. Hen of the Woods Mushroom, Semolina-Flax Bread, and Mixed Greens Salad.
·        Heat the soup gently.
·        Warm the bread.

·        Dress the salad.

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