Broccoli Bisque and Early Summer Curry

Meal 1: Broccoli Floret Bisque, Rustic Cheddar Boule, Summercrisp Lettuce Salad.
·     Warm the bread.
·     The soup can be warmed gently, or is excellent cold.
·     Dress the salad.

Meal 2: Curried Green Lentils w/ Baby Potatoes and Zucchini, Roasted Cauliflower and Snap Pea,  and Brown Basmati w/ Mustard Seeds
·        Warm the curry gently to serve.
·        Heat some butter or a little oil in a saute pan.  Add the cauliflower/ peas and all their dressing into the saute pan.  Toss.  Season lightly and allow to heat through and then dish it up.

·        Reheat the saute pan with a little oil or butter.  When hot add the rice and stir to heat through.  Is OK to let the rice brown a bit on the bottom of the pan between stirs.  Non-stick is easiest of course. Serve when warmed.

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