Morel Risotto and Asparagus Pan Roast

Meal 1: Risotto w/ Morels, Asparagus, and Pea Shoots, Blue Moon Mixed Greens Salad.
·     Reserve the risotto toppings.  Heat 1/2 c liquid ( milk, stock, seasoned water) per person in a sauce pot.  When hot add the risotto and stir to heat.  Add liquid as needed to create a creamy, thick but flowing porridge.  When hot, taste.  If there is no remaining raw starch texture/ taste in the grains, then the risotto is done. Expect 3-5 minutes cooking time.  Finish with butter, cream, quality oils and or shaved cheese.  This is the time for decadence.  Don't be afraid to enjoy a red wine with this meal.
·     Heat butter or oil in asaute pan.  When very hot, toss the risotto garnish in the pan to heat through and wilt the shoots.  Top the risotto with the garnish.
·        Cut or tear some of the larger leaves and dress these fantastic greens.

Meal 2: Asparagus and Baby Turnip Pan Roast, Whole Wheat Flax Bread, Rhubarb Crisp
·        Give the crisp a quick zap in the microwave and then heat in the oven during your meal at 275° for 10 -20 minutes depending on share size.
·        Heat the pan roast in a medium hot saute pan.  Toss a bit to combine, but generally treat gently as it heats through 2-4 minutes.  Don't overcook or over-stir.

·        Warm the bread and serve with soft butter.

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