Chef Salad and Borscht

The 608 CSK
March8, 2016

Meal 1: Chef Salad: Snug Haven Spinach, Vegetable Garnishes, Pickled Beets, Hard Boiled Dreamfarm Eggs, Chick Peas, Roasted Carola Potato, Willow Creek Bacon, Lentil Sprouts & Whole Wheat-Oat Rolls.
·        Warm the bread
·        Assemble the salad to your liking and dress as you see fit! 

Meal 2: Borscht, Roasted Apples w/ Celeriac and Leek, Kamut Salad w/ Honey-Herb Vinaigrtette.
·        Warm the soup gently or serve at room temp.  Garnish with yogurt or sour cream if you like.
·        Saute the apples and veggies gently in a pan with a little butter. Fold or toss carefully to heat through.
·        Serve the Kamut at room temp.

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