Tamales and Split Pea Soup

Meal 1: Sweet Corn Tamales, Roasted Squash and Green Chile, Refried Beans 

• Warm the beans gently. 
• Heat the tamales in a steamer or a microwave for acouple of minutes. OR, peel from their casing and pan fry the tamales in some butter. That's what we do. Cook for a couple of minutes then turn and brown the other side. Garnish with a little yogurt/ sour cream if you like and avocado if you have it. 
• Melt some butter or oil in a saute pan. Add the squash when almost hot and saute to coat and heat through. Stir for a few minutes and allow to heat through and get fragrant. Add butter if necessary and serve. 

Meal 2: Split Pea Soup, Spinach Salad, Deli Style Rye Bread 

• Warm the soup gently. Thin if necessary and adjust the seasoning. 
• Tear up the spinach and dress the salad. 
• Warm the bread.

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