Meal 1: Linguini w/ Sun Dried Tomato Pesto, Dreamfarm Chevre, and Roasted Red Peppers, Spinach Salad, Chick Peas w/ Parsnip and Carrot 'Sweatmeats' 

• Gently saute a little chopped onion in some olive oil. When translucent season and then add the chick peas and vegetables. Toss. Allow to simmer and transfer to a serving bowl. 
• Plunge the noodles in a a modest amount of hot water and the drain in a collander. 
• Wipe out the saute pan and add a little more olive oil. Allow to warm but not get hot. Add the pesto. Stir and allow to become aromatic - 30 seconds or so. Add the noodles, cheese and peppers. Fold and toss all together and serve when combined and warm. 
• Dress the salad. 

Meal 2: Kale and Red Onion Flatbread Pizza, Bulgur Salad, Glazed Turnips w/ Rosemary 

 • Heat oven to 450°. Warm the pizzas on a cookie sheet. Takes about 10 minutes for the cheese to melt and brown - but don't let them get away from you! 
• Bulgur at room temp. 
• Heat the turnips in a saute pan. Toss and allow to heat through. 

Sun dried tomatoes are a cool little variety called Grandma Mary's. We grow and dry them ourselves. The red peppers are the best roasting variety I know and are grown just for us by Snug Haven. We bought, roasted and froze them in September! Root crops are in from Harmony Valley and The Tree Farm, whose kale we are also serving for the last time this season. Will continue to get good spinach all winter long though! 

May you all have joyful Thanksgivings.

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