Yellow Split Pea and Fried Rice

Meal 1: Yellow Split Pea Soup, Cauliflower Fougasse, Oak Leaf Salad. 
• Warm the soup gently. 
• Warm the fougasse for 8-13 minutes depending on share size in a 325° oven. Use a knife point to test that the interior is warmed. 
• Toss and dress the salad. 

Meal 2: Vegetable Fried Rice, Stir Fried Diakon w/ Pea Shoots and Baby Bok Choi, Baked Tofu 
• Warm the tofu in the microwave or in an oven/ toaster oven at 300° for about 5 minutes. OR: Chop coarsely cook with the rice. 
• Reserve the egg and tofu if using. Heat a saute pan over a high heat. Non stick is fine ( but heat w/ oil in pan to start ). Add a fair bit of oil and allow to just smoke. Carefully tip in the rice and allow to sit for a minute or two to crisp. Add tofu. Stir and fold the rice to heat evenly 2-5 minutes. Larger shares should consider working in 2 batches. If you add water be sparing. When nearly done add egg, toss and serve. 
• Be sure the pan is clean and reheat. Add oil. Remove greens and radish from bag and drain from excess water if necessary. When the oil is almost smoking carefully add the radish, choi, and pea shoot mix and stir fry. Season with salt. When leaves are and wilted and brightened ( 1 minute) serve immediately.

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