French Lentil Soup and Sibley Squash Curry

Meal 1: French Lentil Soup, Red Summercrisp w/ Shaved Radish, Braised Savoy Cabbage 
· Warm the soup gently. 
· Heat the cabbage. A sauté or sauce pan will work. Add a little bit of water and toss and allow to heat over medium heat. When warm and soft add salt and pepper and a knob of butter and serve. 
· Toss and dress the salad. 

 Meal 2: Winter Squash in Coconut Milk, Curried Kidney Beans, Spiced Brown Basmati 
!!!Warning! There are 4 loose cardamom pods in the rice. Though not inedible or threatening to your dentition, the pods are intensely flavored and can be unpleasant to chomp down on. Pull them if you find them. 
· Heat the curries gently. Add salt if you like. 
· Heat the rice in a sauté pan with some oil and/or butter. Add a small splash of water and stir to speed the warming, but let the liquid evaporate and allow the grains to begin to fry. Add a little more fat if necessary. Allow the grains to crisp a little bit and then serve.

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