Moroccan Chic Peas and Kabocha Bisque

Meal 1: Moroccan Chic Pea Stew, Spiced Grilled Flatbreads, Roasted Cauliflower w Red Onion. 
• Warm the stew gently. Thin if necessary, allow to simmer and adjust the seasoning. 
• Warm the flatbreads lightly in the oven, a dry pan, or even (briefly) over an open gas burner if you are comfortable with that. 
 • Saute the cauliflower dish in a little oil and a water splash if necessary. Its own dressing may be enough. Be careful to not burn the raisins. Finish with a little but-ter or good olive oil if you like. Serve warm. Alternately,heat in a 400° oven on a cookie sheet for 6 minutes or so, but I recommend the first way. 

Meal 2: Kabocha Squash Bisque, Pumpkin Seed-Cornmeal Boule, Arugula Salad 
• Warm the soup gently. 
• Warm the bread. Dip in something. Soft butter is my favorite. A side of Wisconsin cheese wouldn't go amiss. 
• Dress those perfect greens and enjoy their strength.

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