Meal 1: Kale and Potato Stew w/ Meatballs & Garbanzos, Roasted Beets in Rosemary Butter, Peasant Loaf
• Warm the stew gently and hold several minutes at almost a simmer. Test a potato piece to be sure everything has heated through. Serve. 
• Reserve the butter pieces. Saute the beets in a little butter or oil. When they are warmed, add the rosemary butter and toss to dress. Serve when the butter is all melted and the rosemary has become bright and aromatic. 
• Warm the bread. 

Meal 2: Vaquero's Pie, Mixed Greens Salad, Yellow Rice w/ Pickled Red Onion. 
• Zap the pie briefly in the microwave to get out the deep chill. Then heat at 325° for 20 -45 minutes depending on share size or until the sides are bubbling and the interior is hot. 
• Serve the rice at room temp, or saute in a little oil and then a spash of water to heat it through. 
• Dress the salad.

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