Thai Eggplant and Chile Verde w/ Tamales

Meal 1:Thai Eggplant Curry w/ Sweet Potato Noodles & Cucumber Salad

• Heat the curried eggplant gently. 
• Bring salted water to a boil. Plunge the noodles and stir. When they are change from opaque to transparent, they are ready. Pour them into a collander to drain and then add to bowls. Top with the curry. 
• Serve the cucumbers chilled. 

 Meal 2: Chili Verde, Sweet Corn Tamales, Escarole Salad 

• Warm the chili. 
• Heat the tamales in a microwave of in a steamer basket. The best though is to peel off their wrapper and pan fry them in a generous amount of butter (bacon fat, oil, and or a mix is great too). About 2-3 minutes per side, or as the side crisps and gets golden-y. 
• Dress the salad. Notes: Note the basil is in whole florets in the curry. Consider Thai basil a vegetable, not a garnish.

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