Stromboli and Apple-Challah Pinwheels

Meal 1: Eggplant and Roasted Tomato Stromboli, Broccoli Sautee, Escarole and Red Bean Salad. 

• Heat the stromboli on a cookie sheet. Heat at 425° for 7-12 minutes, or until crisped and warmed. 
• Heat some olive oil gently over medium. When just shimmering, carefully add the broccoli, onions, and chic peas. Increase the heat and toss. 1-2 minutes. Add a pat of butter too if you like. Salt and pepper. Toss. Serve. 
• Dress the salad. 
 Meal 2: Savory Apple Pinwheels, Fennel Bisque, Heirloom Tomatoes w/Cumin and Sweet Corn. 

• Heat the soup gently. 
• Warm the pinwheels gently, on a tray. 300° about 5 minutes. Serve with soft butter, and a drizzle of honey if you are in the know. 
• Season the toms with S and P, toss and serve at room temp. 

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