Sweet Corn Curry and High Summer Borscht

Meal 1: Sweet Corn Curry, Crispy Rice, Cucumber w/ Preserved Lime and Yogurt 

• Heat the curry gently. 
• Heat some butter in a saute pan. Nonstick is good. When the butter is browned add the rice and stir fry. Add a little more butter if needed and toss to combine and heat through. Allow the grains to crisp a little in the pan. 
• Serve the cucumber chilled. Check the seasoning and adjust the salt. 

Meal 2: Summertime Borscht, Green Salad, Potato & Kohlrabi Salad w/ Caraway 

• Heat the borscht gently or serve chilled. Garnish w/ yogurt or sour cream. 
• Serve the Potato salad chilled. 
• Dress and serve the salad.

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