Sloppy Joe and Yogurt Curry

Meal 1: Vegetarian Sloppy Joe with Challah Roll, Chili-Lime Slaw, Pickled Beets.
• Split and warm the rolls .
• Warm the joe in a sauce pan or microwave. Thin a little bit if necessary and adjust the seasoning. • Add salt to the slaw - it was omitted to prevent wateriness- and serve chilled.
• Serve the beets chilled.

Meal 2: Yogurt Curry w/New Potato, Cabbage and Snap Peas (D), South Seas Fried Rice, Zucchini Fritters. 
• Warm the curry gently.
• Heat the rice in a saute pan with hot oil. Stir fry it for 2-4 minutes until hot through.
• For the fritters: Stir some salt into the fritter batter. It was omitted to prevent wateriness and the fritters will be bland without it. If the batter is watery, add a pinch or two of flour to tighten it a little. It should be flowable, but not runny. Heat a generous amount of oil in a saute pan. When hot, add dollops of batter 2 heaping T or so in size to make your fritters. Expect 2-3 per person. Flatten lightly and fry until the down side is browned - about 2 minutes. When browned, flip and cook the other side. Add some more fat if necessary, nothing is sadder than a fritter fried on one side and toasted on the other.

Summer eating - casual and family style: Sloppy Joes and pickled beets. One thing I have found in Wisconsin is that pickled beets are roundly adored. Of all the catering I have done there are few dishes I ever feared I would run out of at an event. The pickled beets at a Trout Unlimited brat fry a few years ago was one that nearly took me to the edge, and I learned my lesson.

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