Golden Split Pea Soup and Asparagus Risotto

Meal 1: Golden Split Pea Soup w/ Chives, Spinach Bread, Spring Mix 
• Heat the soup gently until just at a simmer.
• Warm the bread.
• Dress and serve the salad. These delicate leaves and pea shoots need little more than olive oil, salt and pepper and light vinegar.

 Meal 2: Roasted Asparagus Risotto, Braised Hakuri Turnips and Tops, Sauteed Field Spinach 
• Reserve the asparagus.
• Heat 1/2 c liquid ( milk, stock, seasoned water) per person in a sauce pot. When hot add the risotto and stir to heat. Add liquid as needed to create a creamy thick but flowing porridge. When hot, taste. If there is no remaining raw starch texture/ taste in the grains, then the risotto is done. Expect 2-4 minutes cooking time. Fold in the asparagus and garnish as you like with butter, cream, quality oils and or shaved cheese. This is the time for decadence. Don't be afraid to enjoy a red wine with this meal.
• Heat the turnips and greens gently in a sautee pan until the greens brighten and the roots heat through, 2 - 4 minutes once hot. Using a lid briefly will speed and even out the process. • Sautee the spinach briefly in a sautee pan with olive oil or butter. Season and serve when wilted.

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