Lo Mein and French Lentils

Meal 1: Vegetable Lo Mein and Hot & Sour Soup
·      Heat the soup gently. 
·      Get some oil just about smoking hot in a pan.  Non-stick will be best.  Add the noodles and vegetables in batches to as not crowd the pan.  Stir once or twice and let set a minute or so.  Toss and let set again briefly to get a little 'color' on the noodles.  Serve immediately.

Meal 2: Lentiles du Puy with Chevre,  Braised Vegetables with Pork Confit, Whole Wheat Batard.
·      Warm the lentils gently.
·      Warm the bread in the oven.  Serve with soft butter.
·      Reserve the pork confit.

·      Heat the vegetables by transferring them to a sauce pan where nothing is crowded.  Warm  gradually with the lid on.  Add a little water or broth if necessary but adjust the seasoning accordingly.  Serve, or when just about heated through add the confit and allow it to fininsh with the vegetables.

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