Tamales and Winter Squash Pasta e Fagioli

Meal 1: Sweet Corn Tamales, Refried Pinto Beans, Cumin Roasted Rutabaga.
·      Heat the tamales in a microwave - you know your machine best, a minute and a half or 2 should do.  Alternately, unwrap them and toast them in melted butter or other fat over a medium flame, crisping one side and then the other. 3-4 minutes per side.
·      Warm the beans gently in a sauce pan or also in a microwave.
·      Heat the rutabaga in a saute pan with a little butter or oil and then a small splash of water to heat through.

Meal 2: Winter Squash Pasta e Fagioli, Seed Top Peasant Loaf, Golden Turnips Braised w/ Fennel .
·      Heat the stew gently in a sauce pan.  If you like add a little sausage or pancetta or the like.
·      Heat the turnips in a saute pan with a splash of water to heat it through.  Adjust the seasoning.
·      Warm the bread.

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