Pad Thai and Potato-Kale Stew

Meal 1: Pad Thai and Coconut Milk Soup 
• Heat the soup gentlyon the stovetop.
 • Briefly risnse and drain the noodles in a collander. Drain very well.
• In a nonstick pan get some oil hot and briefly stir fry the veggies and reserve them on a serving plate.
• Next reheat the pan with a little oil and add the noodles. They will spit and splatter, so be prepared and hang tough. Stir. When they turn clear transfer them to the plate.
• Now add the 'sauce' portion to the pan and heat it through. Thin just a bit if necessary. When hot add the noodles and vegetables and toss the whole thing to mix. Season with a little fish sauce if you have it and eat hot.

Meal 2: Two Bean Potato-Kale Stew and Potato Bread, Roasted Fall Vegetables

• Warm the Stew gently so as to not overcook the kale.
• Warm the bread and get some butter soft to spread!
• Heat a good knob of butter or good olive oil in a saute pan. When warm add the vegetables and toss to coat evenly. Allow to heat using a lid in moderation, but try to not steam the vegetables. Toss a couple times and allow to heat through. Adjust the seasonings and savor the palate of falls diverse bounty!

Menu Notes:  I love Napa cabbage.  It is a side player in the pad thai, but it inspires the dish for me with its noodle like shavings amongst the sauce, sweet potato noodles, and other veggies.  There are also some beautiful late season choi in the soup as well as the pad thai
The Roasted vegetable medley is a mix of treats.  note the coins of sweet potato, airy plumes of roasted turnip, and especially those ruby coils of very special red cippollinni onions as well a cioggia beets.  Those Italians really can make some special vegetables.
Plus, the kale was so sweet last week I had to go back for more this week.


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