Oven Roasted Tomato Pizza and Thai Curry w/ Eggplant

Meal 1: Oven Roasted Tomato Pizzas, Cantaloupe with Basil and Prosciutto, Summercrisp Salad 
• Toast the pizzas in a hot (450) oven for 8-10 minutes to warm them and crisp the crust slightly. Don't over do it. Use a cookie sheet under the pizzas.
• Toss the cantaloupe with its dressing and serve. Vegetarian shares will need to add a touch of salt.
• Dress and serve the salad.

 Meal 2:Thai Curry w/ Eggplant and Thai Basil, Buckwheat Noodles, Cucumber Salad
 • Warm the curry gently until simmering.
• Divide the noodles, herbs and pea shoots evenly among bowls. Ladle the hot curry over them and allow to steep a moment or two before eating.
• Serve the cucumber salad chilled.

 Menu Notes 

 The prosciutto is homemade from Berkshire hogs raised by Prairie Fire Farm. This leg is from 2012, the drought year and is very lean, not necessarily desirable, but hey, that's terroir. The meat itself is very dense and I hope you enjoy it with the melon, honey, basil and olive oil. Thai cuisine is one that incorporates herbs more as vegetables than as garnishes, thus the basil is added at the last minute, and as whole florets, rather than a fine mince. Enjoy its anise flavor and bright color, along with the tender pea shoots and cilantro, and stir fried eggplant.

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