Roasted Tomato Soup & Pan Fried Noodles

Meal 1: Pan Fried Noodles, Tofu with Cherry Tomatoes, Asian Slaw 
• Heat a non-stick pan over high heat with a little oil in it. When just about smoking hot add the veggies carefully and stir fry them for a minute or two. Reserve. Re-heat the pan with a new portion of oil. When hot, carefully add the noodles in a thick layer. 3 and 4 Share families may need to do this in batches. Allow the noodles to fry for 1 -2 minutes and then stir/ toss them a bit to allow a different section to color up a bit. Toss again and add a splash of water ( and a little soy sauce if you have it) to allow the noodles to steam through. Serve and top with the veggies.
• Serve the tofu and tomatoes at room temp, or heat them in the pan as above, thought with very little oil, so as to just color up the tofu a bit a blister the tomatoes lightly. Serve.
• Season the slaw with salt and or soy sauce and serve.

Meal 2: Roasted Tomato Soup, Semolina Batard w/ Flax and Sunflower Seeds, Romaine and Summercrisp Salad 
• Warm the soup gently.
• Warm the Bread.
• Dress and serve the salad.

 Menu Notes 
Tomatoes are finally making an entrance into our menus this week, with more to come next week. Over the next few we will begin ramping up production to can our annual quota : 800 lbs.!  This soup is made with tomatoes roasted to concentrate their flavor, plus leeks, local celery, sweet Crossroads carrots, and fennel, plus lima beans for body, and a corn stock for sweetness.
The noodle recipe is one of Kate's creations.  She made them on a whim for dinner last week, and I said
"That's a keeper! Write down exactly what you did." I hope you enjoy them too.

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