Meal 1: Kohlrabi Bisque, Seeded Rustic Batard, Romaine Salad. 
• Heat the soup on the stove top. Allow it to simmer gently, OR just serve it chilled.
• Warm the bread in the oven. Great with some soft butter.
• Dress and serve the salad

Meal 2: Kasha and Bowties, Kohlrabi – Yogurt Salad, Roasted Beets with Chevre.
• Heat the kasha and bowties in a non stick skillet wit a knob or two of butter. More is better! Toss and add a small splash of water to allow it to all heat through.
• Add a little salt to the kohlrabi salad and serve it chilled.
• Serve the beets at room temp mixed with the chevre and chives. Menu Notes With an abundance of beautiful, tender, softball sized kohlrabi at the Tree Farm, I couldn’t resist a double dip! Enjoy!

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