Grilled Zucchini Stew and Sloppy Joes

Meal 1: Mediterranean Grilled Summer Squash Stew, Israeli Cous Cous w/ Snap Peas, Summercrisp Lettuce Salad 
• Heat the soup on the stove top. Allow it to simmer gently.
• The cous cous is good at room temp, or heat it briefly in a sauté pan with a little oil and then a splash of water, but do not overcook the peas.
• Dress and serve the salad.

 Meal 2: Sloppy Joes on Challah Rolls, Cucumber Salad (D), and Classic Macaroni Salad. 
• Heat the joe on the stovetop or carefully in the microwave. Warm the buns too. Best served open-face.
• Toss each side salad and then serve them at room temp.

 Menu Notes
How classic can Classic Macaroni Salad be without macaroni? You know, sometime I have to take what I get, and the co-op was out of elbows, so I got their (superior I think) cousin cavatappi instead. Whaddya gonna do? Enjoy!

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