Falafel Croquettes w/ Tomato Bisque and Ramp Pizza

Sprouted Barley Salad

Meal 1: Falafel and Spinach Croquettes, Sprouted Barley and Bean Salad w/ Yogurt Sauce, Carrot and Parsnip Tzimmis. 
• Heat the croquettes at 350° in the oven. Allow 15 - 20 minutes to heat through.
• Heat the tzimmus as above, but add a splash of water beforehand. You can also heat it in the microwave or in a sauce pot on the stove top.
• Serve the barley at room temp.

Meal 2: Wild Leek, Chevre, and Spinach Pizzas, Blue Moon Farm Mixed Greens, Tomato Bisque 
• Heat the pizzas at 415° for about 10 minutes – but keep an eye on them. They will get fragrant, darken a bit, sizzle a bit, and crisp a bit, but too far too fast and they will burn.
• Warm soup.
• Serve and dress the salad.

 Menu Notes 

 Delicious spinach from Harmony Valley this week in the falafel as well as the pizzas, and more ramps too in addition to some fresh Chevre from Dreamfarm – the fruits of spring are greens and milk! The bisque is made with some of the tomatoes we dried from our garden last year, as well as those we canned from Brookside Gardens. This year’s tomatoes are about 2” high under the lights in the next room….We got some ab-fab mixed greens from Blue Moon Community Farm, and will hopefully get more this week- thank you Kristen, these are the greens I have been searching for since we moved here.Enjoy!

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