Arrival of the Allia

Meal 1: Veggie/ Meat Loaves, Glazed Carrots w/ Chives, Polenta .
• Heat the loaves at 325° in the oven. Allow about 20 minutes to heat through.
• For the polenta: heat a little water or milk in a saucepan about ½ cup per person. Add the polenta, breaking it up and stirring to incorporate it and make a smooth porridge. Heat through, adjustr the seasoning with S & P. Allow to thicken if necessary. It should be somewhat flowable, but not watery. Finish with a little parmesan, butter, truffle oil etc. if you like. Serve.
 • Saute the carrots and their liquid in a pan, incorporating the chives. Allow to heat through and serve immediately.

Meal 2: Roasted Potato and Wild Leek Quiche, Crossroads Community Farm Salad Mix, Cracked Peppercorn Whole Wheat-Rye Boule 
• Warm the quiche at 300° in the oven. Allow 15 – 25 minutes depending on share size. If the quiche begins to rise it is done and get it out of the oven immediately.
 • Warm the bread and serve with olive oil or butter.
• Serve and dress the salad.

 Menu Notes 

 Mid to late April is the season of the allium, so we are featuring some wild leeks ( ramps ) from Harmony Valley as well as a sprinkle of chives from our garden. Are chives not the most elegant of herbs? I love the work-a-day nature of parsley, but chives are at home on caviar and other fine foods. The ramps went into the quiche along with eggs from our own chickens, including those I collected yesterday – can’t get any fresher than that! Enjoy!

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