Meal 1: Sweet Corn Empanadas, Refried Kidney Beans, Spanish Rice 
• Place the empanadas on a cookie sheet and place into a 350° oven. Heat until sizzling a little, and browned just a shade more than they arrived. About 10 – 12 minutes.
• Warm refried beans gently on the stove top. They also reheat easily, with no quality compromise in the microwave.
• Heat the rice in a sauté pan with a little oil and then a splash of water.

 Meal 2: Fountain Prairie Beef or Shiitakes & Barley Stew, Home-Brew Stout Bread, Organic Mixed Greens Salad 
• Heat the stew gently on the stovetop.
• Warm the bread in the oven.
• Dress the salad.

 Menu Notes


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