Savory Bread Pudding and Red Lentil Soup

Meal 1: Savory Bread Pudding, Escarole Salad, Roasted Celeriac, Parsnip & Golden Turnip
• Warm the bread pudding gently at 300 for 25-50 minutes depending on portion size. Lightly lay a foil lid on top to prevent over browning of the top. Test the interior for doneness with the tip of a knife.
• Heat the roasted vegetables for 12-15 at 300 with the pudding or sauté them quickly in a hot pan. Finish with a small splash of water.
• Dress the salad. This salad is great with olive oil and balsamic and, if you like, a few slices of apple.

Meal 2: Red Lentil Soup, Grilled Flatbread, Brown Rice and Lime Salad
• Heat the soup on the stove top. Stir to prevent scorching.
• Warm the flatbread in the oven, over an open gas burner like a tortilla, or in a hot dry skillet.
• Heat the rice salad in a sauté pan with a little oil and finish with a splash of water.

Menu Notes

Thanks to our friend Erin for the tip on the red lentil or Moroccan Lentil Soup. The spices are definitely a Middle-Eastern blend of Indian and Mediterranean flavors. Cumin of course, but also cardamom, paprika, garlic and thyme. Don’t be afraid to dip that flatbread in there!

You can thank our home flock of chickens for the bread pudding, along with Sassy Cow cream and milk, and some really smashing Crossroads Community Farm leeks and fine shreds of parsnip ( can you find them ?) from Harmony Valley. I love this dish and really any dish that turns sweet notions onto their savory head. Gazpacho with Cucumber and Olive Oil Sorbet anyone ? Maybe this summer. Enjoy!

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