Meal 1: White Bean and Pork Shoulder Chili, Sweet-Corn Bread, Mixed Greens Salad
• Warm the corn bread in the oven at 300. 10 -15 for a single share, 20 – 25 for a larger size. You can also turn the bread out of its dish fairly easily to speed the warming; or cut it into slices and toast them.
• Heat the chili on the stovetop. Thin it with a little water if necessary.
• Dress the salad. Try olive oil, light vinegar ( like white wine) and a squeeze of orange juice or zest for a dressing!

Meal 2: Cavatappi in Roasted Red Pepper Sauce w/ Chevre, Semolina Rolls, Sautéed Brussels Sprouts
• Warm the rolls.
• Turn the pasta, sauce and cheese into a sauté pan. Add a little water to thin it out a bit. Toss and stir and allow the dish to heat through. Serve.
• Brussel Sprouts: Heat at least 2T of butter per person over medium in a sauté pan. Allow it to melt, foam, and subside and begin to heat. Increase heat to med. High and add the sprouts in an even layer. Sprinkle them with salt but do not disturb. Allow to cook1-2 minutes. Toss. The ‘down’ side should have colored a bit. Allow this process to repeat 1-2 minutes post toss. Add a splash of water to steam through and serve immediately.
• https://www.facebook.com/pages/608-Community-Supported-Kitchen/252769064754420 for a video of the sprout preparation.

Menu Notes

Pork shoulder. What a joy to prepare. Very nice all natural Berkshire pork from Black Earth Meats was seasoned , seared and then braised with spices and chiles for about 5 hours at 300 until meltingly tender. Pretty perfect wintry mix weather cookery if you ask me. Then the meat is pulled and the broth gets pureed in the blender and reincorporated with the meat. The base chili is just a molé mixed with beans and onions. Almost all the flavor comes from chiles. There is about 1 qt. tomato in about 28 qt. of total chil. For the omnivores we fold that meat in to the base chili and voila, or voila in Spanish I suppose.
The sweet corn bread was a new recipe and while moist and with a good sweet corn flavor, I can’t say it beats out yeasted corn bread in flavor and is PITA to make, but its technique inspired other ideas. Anyone out there ever had corn pudding ?
The red peppers I am happy to say are the product of a nice collaboration with Snug Haven Farm. Last winter I inquired with farm partner Danielle if they grow peppers and if they grow the specific variety I wanted for roasting and freezing. I got a definite maybe. Over the past year, farm owner Bill Warner, and Danielle and I worked to find the variety, grow it, harvest it and process it. We split the take and Bill is looking into marketing these outstanding value added products. Visit him at the downtown Winter Farmer’s Market this winter and ask about the frozen roasted red peppers.
The sprouts. If they weren’t so good so simply prepared I would have felt guilty sending you a bag of raw vegetables with instructions to cook them yourself. But they are, so I don’t. After making these for us a week or so ago I just had to get back to the Tree Farm to harvest enough for you too. Enjoy!

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