Meal 1: Morel and Celeriac Risotto, Roasted Beets, Grilled Broccoli Salad
• Warm the beets in the oven. 10 minutes at 350 will do it, but don’t let the over do it. Spread them out on a cookie sheet to speed things.
• The broccoli is fine at room temp, but would be better heated in a sauté pan with a little oil, and then a splash of water to heat everything through.
• Visit https://www.facebook.com/pages/608-Community-Supported-Kitchen/252769064754420 for a video of how to finish the risotto!
• OR: add the risotto to a saucepot with a little warm water to thin it. Bring the heat to medium high and as the risotto heats and the water reduces add more warm, salted water. Stir it continuously, adding water as necessary, until the grains are cooked through and al dente but not starchy, about 5 minutes. Adjust the seasoning and finish with good olive oil, butter, some parmiggiano, etc.

Meal 2: Split Pea Soup w/ Parsnip, Seeded Oat Bread, Red Sails Lettuce Salad
• Heat the soup on the stovetop. Thin and adjust the seasoning as necessary.
• Warm the bread and dress the salad.

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