Braised Tofu and Split Pea Soup

Meal 1: Braised Tofu and Broccoli, Fried Rice, Stir Fried Bok Choi and Diakon
• Honestly, a non-stick pan will serve you best.
• Heat the pan with a little oil in it. When the oil is just smoking, add the rice and stir. Toss a few times and heat through. A splash of water is OK. Transfer to a plate.
• Keep the pan hot and add the veggies, but no additional oil. Careful of the splatter! Stir and add a small amount of oil and a splash of water if necessary, but the liquid from the container should be fine. Transfer to a serving plate.
• Keep the pan hot and gently turn the braising kit jar upside-down (check the lid first!) and rock/shake it gently to get the starch into suspension. The sauce should be evenly cloudy brown. When mixed pour tofu, broccoli, and sauce into pan and stir. It will splatter and sputter. Stir. It will begin to thicken and should be ready to serve within 2 minutes. Serve immediately. I’ll serve mine atop the rice.

Meal 2: Split Pea Soup, Chevre Fougasse, Organic Leaf Lettuce Salad
• Warm the fougasse in the oven at 325 for 5-10 minutes for a single share and up to 20 for a 4 share size. Test the inside with a knife point to check that it is warmed, and don’t over crisp the crust.
• Heat the soup on the stovetop to just simmering. Be sure to rinse the jar out, swirl it, and add the contents to your soup. It will likely need the water anyway. Adjust the seasoning and serve.
• Dress the salad.

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