Pasta Bolognese and Empanadas

Meal 1:Shredded Pork Empanadas with Mixed Greens and Black Bean Rice

·       Heat the empanadas in the oven at 350° for 10-15 minutes, or until hot. 
·       Warm the rice in a microwave, or quickly in a sauté pan with a little oil and a splash of water..

·       Dress and serve the greens.

Meal 2: Organic Penne Bolognese, Semolina Loaves, & White Beans with Kale

·       Warm the bread in the oven.

·       Heat sauce in a sauté pan.  Then, rinse the pasta in a strainer, shake and add to the warmed sauce in the pan.  Heat through on the stovetop for a minute or two.

·       In another pan heat a little olive oil.  Add the beans and sauté them to heat them through. Add a little fresh black pepper.   Alternately enjoy them at room temp.

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