First Delivery in Wisconsin!

Meal 1: Pad Thai, Curried Carrots, and Sticky Rice Bundles

·       Heat the rice in its wrapper in a microwave accompanied by a shallow dish of water or better yet, heat them in a steamer basket of some kind. .
·       Heat the carrots on the stovetop.
·       For the Pad Thai: 1) Rinse the noodles in a colander and drain very well.  2) Heat some oil in a large sauté pan.  Non stick is OK.  Add the noodles carefully.  They will spit and try to cause trouble.  Be strong!  Stir fry them a minute or two.  Add the meaty looking ‘sauce’ portion of the dish and a splash of water.  Stir well to heat through and incorporate evenly.  Transfer to a serving dish.  3) Reheat the pan with some oil and stir fry the veggies/ egg/ sprouts and serve atop the noodles.

Meal 2: Split Pea Soup with Root Vegetables, Poppy Seed Challah, Organic Red Leaf Lettuce Salad

·       Warm the Challah in the oven.
·       Warm the soup on the stovetop.  You will need to thin it with some water and adjust the seasoning. Stir it gently to avoid damaging the vegetables.
·       Dress and serve the salad.

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