Meal 1: Grilled Spinach and Chevre Pizzas, Roasted Kohlrabi, and Bulgur with Sun Dried Tomato
·       Heat the pizza in the oven at 400° for up to 10 minutes.  You should be able to place the pizzas directly on the oven rack.  Be careful to not over heat the spinach
·       Heat the Kohlrabi in the oven too – give it 5-10 minutes – until just sizzling.
·       Serve the bulgur at room temp.

Meal 2: Butternut and Brussel Sprout Pan Roast, Semolina Batards, Spinach Salad
·       Warm the bread in the oven
·       Warm the pan roast on the stovetop.  Heat till just warm and don’t over-cook the sprouts.
·       Dress the salad and serve.

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