Eggplant Curry and Corn Fritters

The 608 CSK
August 8, 2017

Meal 1: Thai Eggplant Curry, Sweet Corn and Cucumber Salad, Stirfried Cabbage w/ Cashew-Chile Powder
·        Warm the Curry gently.  Allow to heat through and serve.
·        Serve the corn/ cucumber salad chilled.
·        Stir fry the cabbage briefly in a hot pan with some oil.  Allow the shreds to color a little, brighten, and wilt.  Season with salt or fish sauce if you have it.  Garnish with the cashew powder.

Meal 2: Sweet Corn Fritters, Potato Salad w/ Mustard Seed Vinaigrette, Green Beans and Chopped Egg, Summercrisp and Romaine Salad
·        Turn the corn fritter mix into a bowl.  Mash a little with a fork.  Season with salt.  Add a little water ( 1-2 T per share) and then some flour to create a coarse batter like consistency.
·        Heat some oil or butter in a saute pan or griddle.  When hot add dollops of the batter and allow to fry and brown, 2-4 minutes, before turning to cook the other side.  Start with one fritter to see if the batter is the right consistency to hold the fritter together.  If they are brittle and wont flip,  add a little more water and flour to help bind it together.   Cook in batches.
·        Serve the potato salad at room temp after stirring the ingredients together to combine.

·        Dress and serve the salad.

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