Lima Bean Florentine w/ Hen of the Woods Mushroom and Lacinato Kale Fougasse

The 608 CSK
December 6, 2016

Meal 1: Baby Lima Bean Florentine with Hen of The Woods Mushroom, Gnocchi alla Romano, Chioggia Beets w/ Cinnamon Butter
·        Open the package with the gnocchi block carefully, there is shaved parmesan under the parchment.  When open, use a sharp knife cut the block into 2"x3" squares.  You should yield 2 per person.  You can cut these into triangles across the diagonal if you like.  Arrange the pieces careful, with space between them, on a greased cookie sheet.  Bake at 400 15-20+ minutes.  When done, they should be crisped top and bottom and lightly browned across the top.  Careful to not burn the bottom. www.facebook.com/608-Community-Supported-Kitchen-252769064754420/ for an example.
·        Warm the stew gently.
·        Remove the compounded butter pats and reserve. Heat a little other butter or oil in a saute pan - this is a rare case where olive oil would be OK. When hot, but not smoking, add the beets and toss. Allow to heat through.  You can even up the heat a little and put a little browning on those beets.  When warmed, add the cinnamon butter and allow to melt and dress the beets. Serve.

Meal 2: Lacinato Kale Fougasse, Snug Haven Spinach Salad, Golden Turnip Puree
·        Warm the fougasse gently at 325° until warmed.
·        Dress the salad.

·        Warm the turnips in the microwave - it will do best.  

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