Passover 2015

Meal 1: Matzoh Ball Soup, Potato-Parsnip Kugel, Spinach Salad. 
 • Heat the soup gently. Allow to simmer for about 5 minutes to insure the matzoh balls are heated through.
 • Warm the kugel in a microwave first then transfer it to a warm ( 300-325) oven to heat through - 12 - 30 minutes depending on share size. But just warm is fine, you don't want it sizzling.
 • Tear up the spinach leaves and toss with garnishes. Dress and serve.

 Meal 2: Sephardic Stuffed Cabbage, Chic Peas w/ Spinach and Preserved Lime, Persian Rice

• Zap the cabbage dish in the mic then heat at 350 in the oven until bubbling - 15 -25 minutes.
• Heat the chic peas with a little water in a sauce pan. A lid will speed the process but avoid overcooking the spinach. Season before serving.
• Heat the rice in a nonstick pan heated with olive oil. Stir fry it allowing the rice to brown a bit. If you must add water to help heat it through, be sparing. This is dish should be unctious. Omnivores: If you have some leftover meats like chicken or best of all - lamb- on hand, piece it small and fry in the oil first, then fold in the rice and proceed as above.

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