Cream of Broccoli Soup and Potato Cakes

Meal 1: Cream of Broccoli Soup (Dairy -Free), Maccaroni and Cheese (D), Seeded Whole Grain Batard 
• Warm the soup gently. Don't discolor the florets.
• Turn the mac and cheese out into a sauce pot. Thin with a little milk and heat through. You could also do this in pulses in a microwave in the dish provided as long as there is space to stir in the milk without making a mess.
• Warm the bread

 Meal 2: Kale and Potato Cakes, Soybean Succotash, Frissee Salad w/ Golden Beets
 • Spread the potato cakes on a cookie sheet and heat at 350 for about 20 minutes.
• Heat the succotash in a saute pan with a little oil or butter (or bacon fat). It is also fine at room temp. • Dress the salad. Oil and vinegar will be best. Add a tin of sardines if you like and have them.

 Menu Notes 

 Last week's salad was bit of a disaster on our end as the rain had done damage to the leaves that we did not see until we cut into them. The cobbled a salad together from what we salvaged plus what we harvested from our own garden. Kristen Kordet, owner of Blue Moon Farm, was a vision of loveliness this past early Saturday morning at the market when she stopped me to state that they had some nice frissee and escarole on hand. What an understatement. Prefect would be closer to the truth. Absolutely beautiful. We are so please to be able to bring such peak produce to you. Expect more next week. Escarole and hands down one of my favorite vegetables.

The potato cakes were a dish my late Grandma Shirle would make. She called them 'adulterated mashed potatoes.' Clever name for gussied up leftovers! The succotash features some butternuts from our garden diced and roasted into little sweetmeats. I hate to admit that it is winter squash season again so soon. I will pander to my denial by using them sparingly in the coming weeks before embracing them fully.

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