Meal 1: Cheese Tamales, Butternut & Plantain Soup, Refried Pinto Beans
• Warm the soup on the stovetop until just simmering.
• Heat the refried beans on the stovetop with a little water to thin them, or heat easily in the microwave.
• Heat the tamales in the microwave. Seriously, it’s the best way and I am not a microwave type person as you might guess. We used two runs of 45 seconds each, but you know your machine. For purists: place them in a steamer basket OR on a small plate atop a bowl in a pot. Place water in the pot and bring to a simmer. Cover and steam about 10 minutes.

Meal 2: Thai Curried Pumpkin, Sweet Potato Noodles with Egg
and Tofu, Tamarind & Carrot Salad
• Warm the curry on the stovetop. Do not eat the Kafir lime leaves or galangal ( ginger looking ) root.
• Serve the carrot salad chilled.
• For the noodles: heat about 2 T of water per share in a nonstick skillet. Place the noodles atop and allow it to begin to steam through. Toss the noodle dish and add a splash more water if necessary. Heat through until the noodles have turned from opaque to translucent and are hot. Serve. You may need to add a touch of salt to adjust the seasoning.

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