Meal 1: Zucchini Latkes, Onion & Poppy Seed Pinwheels, Salad of Organic Greens, Garden Kale, and Shredded Carrots
• Warm the Pinwheels in the oven until soft and warm ~ 5 minutes.
• For the Latkes: Season the mix with salt. It was omitted to prevent wateriness. Heat a fairly generous – 3-4 T per person- amount of oil (not olive oil !) in a sauté pan. Heat over medium-high until the oil is shimmering and nearly smoking. Mix the batter well and dollop out portions (~3 per person) into the pan. Flatten to pancake thickness with your utensil. Fry until the edges crisp and brown, and the zucchini on top becomes bright green (3-4 minutes). Flip the latke and fry the other side, adjusting the heat and timing as necessary to get golden brown crisped latkes. You will likely need to cook these in batches to accommodate the size of your pan – don’t overcrowd them.
• Serve and dress the greens.

Meal 2: Black Bean Soup, Sweet Peppers and Red Onions – Fajita Style, Annatto Rice Salad
• Warm the soup.
• Heat a sauté pan with some oil. Add the rice and stir fry until hot. Add a splash of water if necessary to heat it all through.
• Return the pan to the heat and get some oil smoking hot. Add the vegetables carefully avoiding adding any extra water that may have collected in the bottom of the packing container. Lifting them out and adding them with tongs wouyld be a good way to do this. Let the vegetables fry 1-2 minutes. Toss. Fry again until heated through and serve immediately.

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