Meal 1: Eggplant Stuffed Shells with Fresh Tomato Sauce, Flax and Fennel Semolina Loaves, Organic Lettuce Salad
  • Heat the shells in the oven at no more than 325° for about 20 minutes, or until bubbling gently. Allow to ‘oven simmer' for 5 minutes more, but don’t let the sauce burn onto the baking dish.
• Dress the salad.
• Warm the loaf.

Meal 2: Baingan Bartha, Biryani with Kidney Beans, Curried Potato and Chard
• WARNING! There may be a cardamom pod or two hiding in the potato curry. Chew with care. I suppose there’s a lesson in there.
• Heat the baingan bartha ( roasted eggplant curry )in a saucepot.
• Ditto with the potato curry
• Heat the rice quickly in a sauté pan with a little oil. Add a splash or two of water to steam it through.
• Serve the curries atop the rice.

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