Spinach Cannelloni and Risotto w/ Celeriac and Smoked Blue

Meal 1: Snug Haven Spinach Stuffed Cannelloni, Flax-Semolina Bread, Raw Winter Vegetables and Kumquat Salad.
·      Pre-heat the cannelloni for a minute or two in the microwave.  Ditto the jar of sauce.  Top the cannelloni with the sauce and transfer to a 400° oven to heat through. 12-20 minutes depending on share size.  If the sauce bubbles, its done.
·      Warm the bread in the oven.
·      Remove the kumquat and slice crosswise thinly.  Toss into the salad with olive oil, salt, pepper and maybe a splash of light vinegar such as champagne, white wine, cider or white balsamic.

Meal 2: Morel Risotto w Roasted Celeriac and Smoked Blue Cheese, Sauteed Winter Spinach, and Root Vegetables w/ Lemon and Herbs
·      Remove the garnish from the jar.  Place the risotto in a sauce pan and add about 3/4 the volume of rice worth of stock, milk, or water to the pan with the rice.  Heat to a simmer over medium high heat stirring lightly to prevent burning or sticking.  Add liquid if necessary, but a thick porridge with the rice cooked through with no remaining raw starch inside is the goal.  Taste them to be sure.  All told only 2-5 minutes should do it.  Adjust the seasoning with salt and pepper, especially if you used water to finish the risotto.
·      At the last minute stir in the celeriac dice and serve hot with the cheese crumbled on top.
·      Turn out the root veg and their dressing into a heated saute pan and saute until heated through, 1-2 minutes.  Finish with a knob of butter if you like.  I like.
·      Saute the spinach in a hot pan with a little oil or butter, salt and pepper. 

Taste a piece of the spinach raw, you will be amazed.

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