Meal 1: Parsnip Soup, Roasted Pumpkin with Sage, Green Leaf Lettuce Salad.
• Heat the pumpkin in the oven at 350 for 12-20 minutes until warmed. You may consider transferring them to a cookie sheet to speed the cooking. Use a little oil or a sheet of parchment paper on the cookie sheet to prevent sticking and scorching.
• Warm the soup on the stovetop.
• Dress and serve the salad.

Meal 2: Leek and White Bean Casserole w/ Braised Pork, Creamy French Lentils, & WTF Bread
• Heat the casserole at 325 for 20 -45 minutes depending on the size of your share.
• Heat the lentils on the stovetop. Thin with a little milk or water and heat through. Add salt and pepper as necessary.
• Warm the bread without looking too closely at it.

Menu Notes

I have no idea WTF happened to this bread. Since there are no new members you all know that our breads usually turn out just fine. I was of course sorely tempted to start over from scratch this morning, but the thought of wasting all that food was simply not acceptable. The bread is loaded with oat, rye, and whole wheat flours plus flax seed, red quinoa, sunflower seeds, and rye flakes. I ate a sample this morning so I know it tastes fine, but alas I have no explanation for the abstract design they morphed into while cooking. The leek casserole was inspired by the surplus of leeks from Vermont Valley Farm had available last week. That got me thinking all Francophile and stuff so I naturally gravitated towards a bean and pork casserole with a side of lentils for those tall green sweeties. I think those lentils are one of my favorite dishes. Use that crazy bread that sop up the savory goodness. This week the boys made a soup from parsnips from our garden. It was pretty good, so taking up that gauntlet I went to the Tree Farm to get some parsnips for a soup of my own. I grabbed a load of pie pumpkins while there to roast up as a side accompaniment to that soup. Enjoy!

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