Asparagus Bisque and Yellow Dal, Kidgeree w. Flowers and Herbs

The 608 CSK
June 4, 2019

Meal 1: Asparagus Bisque, Cheddar-Chive Bread, Bibb Lettuce Salad

·        Warm the soup gently and allow to just simmer.  Or serve chilled. 
·        Warm the bread.
·        Dress the salad.

Meal 2:  Yellow Dal w. Asparagus and Baby Turnip, Green Lentils w. Coconut Milk and Potato, Kidgeree w Chive Flowers and Fresh Herbs

·        Heat the curries gently.  A microwave is fine.  Thin only if necessary and adjust the seasoning.
·        Heat some butter in a sauté pan.  When hot add the kidgeree.  Allow to brown lightly and toss. Allow to heat through.  Serve.

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